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What is the goal of Emdee Connect?

Our goal is to provide patients with access to highly respectable medical providers and expand the network of medical practitioners.

What do you even do?

We provide a full-time, dedicated marketing and development team to increase the number of patients you see each month.

Where do I begin? How do I sign up?

Each practice has different needs. You may be a seasoned veteran or are just out of medical school – both would need a completely different strategy. We’ve developed two tiers for this very reason. Contact us for an assessment of your current marketing presence and an evaluation of your practice and current needs.

How much does it cost?

We have developed two tiered packages: each providing comprehensive services most effective for both new and veteran physicians. Call us to get a quote and more information!

What if I don’t have a website?

Simple. We will build a website for you.

What happens to my website if I don’t continue my contract?

What we build for you is yours and will be transferred into your possession. It will then be your responsibility to update and maintain your site to ensure it’s functionality.

I’m just starting my practice, where do we begin?

First, we need to learn about you and your goals as a practitioner. Just as each logo is unique to its brand, our strategy is unique to each practice.

Do I need to pay for everything if I only want a brochure, or logo designed?

No, we can provide assistance with the smallest or even largest projects. It all depends on your needs. Contact us to let us know you needs so we can develop a plan!

Do you guys do mailers?

You bet we do!

How many revisions do I get per logo design?

We care about the end result more than the process it takes to get there, but let’s not get ourselves stuck.

How long does it take to see results?

This is always unique to each campaign. Young doctors with a non-existent online presence take longer than more seasoned veterans. This also depends on medical specialty as different symptoms have a different sense of urgency for each patient. Lastly, reputation matters the most. If your online reputation doesn’t exist, it will take quite some time for patients to start converting. If your online reputation isn’t very good, it could take even longer to build up your reputation and earn the trust of your patients.

Can you remove Yelp reviews?

Yelp prides themselves on their review algorithm that does its best to ensure real reviews from real people. However it’s not perfect and sometimes a user’s review violates their terms of service. We make sure to contact Yelp so they can investigate the review to ensure it’s in compliance with their terms of service.

I don’t like what other people are saying about me online.

Sometimes patients just want a place to vent, but a good experience starts and ends with a fantastic front office staff. Having a personal relationship with your patients is what it’s all about!
Frequently Asked Questions – Digital Marketing Services for Doctors, Dentists, Surgery Centers October 27, 2015

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